Now Push

Seamlessly connecting your devices together as one, on any device, on any operating system, on your phone, your tablet, your mac, your PC, or any browser.

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Now Push is available on the Web or on iOS & iPadOS, macOS (Apple M1 devices only), Android, and Google Chrome.
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Now Push

Share Anything, Copy/Paste Cross-Platform

Send text, links, and files seamlessly between any device. Copy and Paste between any device.

Quick access to all the images, URLs and docuemnts

With the Files Tab you have super fast access to all the files you push

A Secure Platform

Now Push is a secure platform with FULL "End to End Encryption" for all messages and files by default, with no exceptions.

This is only the start, we are hard at work building new features, for all platforms.

  • Fully Featured Webn App

    Better intergration with messaging platforms

  • New and Improved Browser Extensions

    Bring all of our features from our Chrome Extention to Firefox and Safari

  • Markup and Annotations

    We will be bringing powerful markup and annotations to your images and documents

  • Desktop apps

    In 2022 we aim to go beyond mobile and the browser, with fully featured desktop apps (for macOS, Windows and Linux)

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Go to the Web App or download the app from either App Store, Play Store, and Chrome Web Store

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Enjoy Now Push!

Install on multiple devices, and get used to a simple and safe way to share links, files and text between all your devices.

Awesome Interface

Simple & Beautiful Interface

A user experience that you will just love.

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  • End to End Encryption
  • Web App, iOS, Android, Chrome
  • API Access
  • File Sharing Limit 25MB

Now Push Pro


  • ALL FREE Tier Features
  • Up to 1GB File Sharing
  • Universal Copy & Paste

Need help, have a bug to report, a feature request or want more information?

Join in with the community over the Now Push subreddit or visit our blog.

You can find our API Docs Here

Get the App

Now Push is available on the Web App or on iOS, iPadOS, macOS (Apple M1 devices only), Android, and Google Chrome.